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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Planning and Managing a GIS

Planning and Managing a GIS: "Planning and Managing a GIS

Sunday November 5, 2006 - All Day (8:30-17:00)• Beginner/Intermediate • Cost: €250

Place: Hilton Hotel

Presenters: Dr. Roger Tomlinson, Recognized as the 'father of GIS'
This is the basic seminar for current or potential GIS managers or senior executives who need to know the steps they must take to put a successful GIS in place in their organization. Jack Dangermond himself has written that this seminar bridges the communication gap between those two levels of management. A consistent methodology for planning and managing GIS will be presented. This methodology has evolved in step with the technology and is based on extensive experience with GIS implementations ranging in size from small corporate installations to multi-department, statewide systems and complete national enterprise-wide systems. Dr. Roger Tomlinson, president of Tomlinson Associates, Ltd., is widely regarded as the father of GIS and has enormous experience that can be drawn upon.
The seminar will focus on the practical aspects of planning and implementing a GIS as part of an organization’s business strategy and workflows. It is concerned with the integration of GIS technology and business practice to achieve organization-wide coordination and information sharing. The seminar will cover resources commitment, information requirements, system scope, the choice of logical data model, and particularly the development of intelligent behavioral-enabled data models to support workflow and conceptual system design including integration of distributed GIS and Web services and recently enabled interoperability capabilities. In addition, Dr. Tomlinson and Mr. Sugarbaker will examine the use of 3D visualization, temporal data within the GI"


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